About us

Georisk Engineering is a technical consultancy Company based in Florence (Italy) and operating internationally as a vendor of specialist services in commercial and research projects in the fields of geoengineering, risk analysis, resilience analysis and climate change adaptation.

The Company stands out at international excellence level due to its capability to lead cutting-edge innovation and to implement it effectively in solving real-world problems.

Georisk Engineering pursues its mission through:

  • development and implementation of evolutionary engineering approaches and quantitative techniques;
  • in-house programming and implementation of scientific software;
  • computational synergy between scientific calculation software and GIS;
  • use of artificial intelligence techniques;
  • communication and dissemination activities.

Georisk Engineering operates ethically for the fostering and the diffusion at all levels of a culture of risk, resilience and sustainable performance of geosystems and human communities.

Georisk Engineering is active in technical committees TC205 “Safety and serviceability in geotechnical engineering”, TC302 “Forensic geotechnical engineering” and TC304 “Engineering Practice of Risk Assessment and Management” of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE).